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I recently watched a repeat of “The Princess Diaries” on the Disney Channel. You may know the story – A rather plain 15-year old girl named Mia suddenly discovers she is a princess; the sole heir to the kingdom of a small European country. She is immediately thrust into a world she doesn’t understand and undergoes an Eliza Doolittle-type transformation. Transitions. Like it or not, they are part of life. Your transition may not be as dramatic as Princess Mia’s. It can be deliberately chosen or a complete surprise, pleasant or unpleasant. Relationship changes, death or illness, jobs or retirement, having a new baby, pop culture terms like “empty nest,” “mid-life crisis”, “downsizing.” In his book Transitions, William Bridges discusses three phases of transition: Endings First we begin to disengage…
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The Power of Our Beliefs – The Seen and the Unseen

Spring Break at our house means watching movies – at the theater or at home, and this year was no exception. I saw two movies that inspired me to write about the power of our beliefs in ourselves and in others. In the not-exactly-critically acclaimed but visually stunning “Oz: The Great and Powerful,” the Kansas carnival magician/illusionist/con man (Oscar Diggs, or “Oz”) arrives in the Land of Oz via tornado to discover the people there are expecting a wizard. Upon spending time with the guy and seeing him for who he is, Glinda the Good tells him, “You may not be the wizard we expected, but perhaps you are the wizard we need.” She tells him the people must have someone to believe in or all is lost. As the…
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Newsletter: March 2013

Keri Riggs, LPC Counseling, Coaching & Consulting Newsletter Issue: March 2013  Keri's Corner Hello, Friends! I've been AWOL from writing but doing more reading & studying the past couple of months instead.  I am learning to accept periods like this as part of the ebb & flow of creativity, motivation, and the kind of "gestation" period needed for reflection and re-centering.  It's a form of Self-Care....and yet occasionally I get caught up in guilt / fear / shame / negative self-talk that I'm not being "productive" enough. How do you navigate periods like this in your own life?  What helps and what doesn't?  I'd love to hear from you & post your comments (with permission) in next month's newsletter.        Email me at Keri Riggs utilizes over 18 years of counseling experi-ence to help clients craft the results…
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Perceptions of Safety and Security

Many people continue to struggle with questions and deep emotional reactions in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut last Friday. Questions such as “Why did this happen?” and “How could this happen?” are essentially dysfunctional questions because we seek answers where there are none. We’ve heard speculation about mental illness, rants about gun control, the role of the media and that it’s ”because we’ve taken God out of schools.” We hate that we cannot control our environment; casting blame and pointing fingers because we believe we can prevent tragedy from happening if we just cover all the bases. We quickly and desperately attempt to switch our focus to the positive – heroes, courage, remembrance and love. Trying to find a reason behind a senseless act,…
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Self-Acceptance vs Self-Reproach: The Three A’s to Get Back on Track

“There is luxury in self-reproach.” When we blame ourselves we feel no one else has the right to blame us.” – Oscar Wilde I recently had one of those rare, free days, with nothing scheduled and no obligations. I had planned to go for a walk, write in my journal and block time to work on an upcoming workshop on Positive Psychology. But I had the whole day ahead of me and told myself it would be OK. I would work in something fun; maybe even a movie or some shopping. After perusing Facebook, checking email, and paying a couple of bills online, I decided to take myself someplace nice for a (late) breakfast. I was seated next to four rather loud senior patrons and overheard every word of their…
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