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What to do when inspiration has gone AWOL . . .

What to do when inspiration has gone AWOL . . .

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The path to inspiration begins where you are with who you are.

–Jonathan Ellerby, PhD, author of Inspiration Deficit Disorder

Ellerby describes Inspiration Deficit Disorder as “a loss of vitality and purpose. . . being disconnected and unaware of our own unique talents, needs and destiny. Forgetting connection to original source – love and potential.”

Just what we need – another disorder.

But here’s why living an inspired life is important enough for me to write and teach about it and try to live it.  In our families and in our workplaces and in our communities . . . if we are not inspired we are just going through the motions.  When we just go through the motions, it can lead to questions like “What’s the point?” or “Why am I here anyway?” Disengagement can eventually lead to apathy, lethargy and clinical depression.  For example, the Texas summer means stagnant and motionless water is a breeding ground for nasty mosquitos.  It’s ugly and brown – think pond scum – rather than the dynamic flow of a creek after a good spring rain.

Today’s mini-challenge for you:

Take a deep breath.
Remember a time you felt inspired.
Connect with the memory and the feeling and sit with it for a full minute, or two.

(Sometimes aspects of past experience can be recaptured, other times it cannot.)
Hopefully, you smile a little smile, or feel somewhat at peace.

Make a commitment to calendar at least 15 minutes for yourself in the next 7 days to engage in one thing that inspires you.  Three times a week would be even better.  Almost every day would be amazing.

If you really cannot think of anything you may be in the early stages of inspiration deficit.  See if any of My Favorite Things (Julie Andrews alert) might work for you.


Keri’s (partial) Inspiration List:

Appreciation of Beauty in:

Nature – sunrises & sunsets, clouds, rainbows, trees, flowers, breezes, the ocean and the mountains
Books – a well-crafted story with quirky, memorable characters
Music – Mozart & Bach, Elton John, George Strait and hundreds of others
Movies / TV / Theater / Dance – cinematography, special effects for this SciFi girl, gifted actors and comedians
Art – I’m a Renaissance and Impressionist Fan

Creative Expression – it’s not a spectator sport
Holy and sacred places and experiences of the Divine – transcendence
Laughter with tears – especially that of children
Really good food (prepared by someone else)
Generosity – giving and receiving freely
My kids, of course – most of the time
Friendships – old and new
Sharing – a feeling, an experience, a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie
Others who are joyful and inspired and authentic (Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, SARK)
Neuroscience – our brains are So Cool!
Amazing Animals / Pets – a baby anything!
A really competitive football game – 2nd effort running backs, amazing catches, an awesome defense, a strategic quarterback
The privilege of being present with my clients in their journeys, struggles and triumphs
Commitment to Excellence
Courage in Action

I’d love to hear about your plans and inspirational experiences – please share in the Comments section below!


  • Sheri Miller

    I’ve been asking those questions like ‘What’s my purpose?’ for some time. A few months ago, while driving to Louisiana, it was an early Saturday morning and very foggy. The scenery was so beautiful as the sun rose that I took out my phone and began snapping pictures (yes, as I drove…sorry!). It made me realize that I want to get back into photography in a huge way!

    :o) – Thanks for the email!

    • Keri

      Don’t you love it when taking a moment to appreciate beauty connects you to the place in yourself that sometimes tries to stay hidden! Thanks for sharing.

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