Professional Counselor in Richardson TX

I’d like to help you today.
In my profession as a counselor I’ve worked with many hundreds of clients on a wide range of issues — from marriage and family counseling, including child counseling, to working with addiction, grief and eating disorders. I have seen clients in clinics, hospitals, faith-based centers and community agencies. I also specialize in pre-marital counseling, working through loss, as well as finding a new job. I also use proven mentoring methods for reducing anxiety, controlling anger and alleviating low self-esteem.

Women’s challenges
My special focus includes working with women who are ready to define a new sense of identity as an adult beyond the years of the First Adulthood (often characterized by establishing a home and raising children). The Second Adulthood is where my true passion lies. My own journey awakened my sensitivity to our generational needs for this “second life” which is beyond the old-fashioned definition of retirement. I redefined and reinvented myself and my own lifestyle with an eye to the quality and meaning possible with extensive life experience and deeper levels of knowledge attainable only by living it through the years.

My office in Richardson
When you need a counselor in Richardson, Texas, you can be assured that I am a trustworthy and caring professional. I started my private practice work here in Richardson and have been a counselor in various settings over the years.

My passion as a professional
With my love for counseling and helping people, I offer both professional excellence and a keen sensitivity to the personal needs and wishes of every client. I am happy to meet with you in my office, or to have counseling sessions with you by phone.

You’re welcome to call me directly for a no-obligation chat whenever you wish at 214-796-7002.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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