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No Longer Fearful – Today

(A personal sharing and philosophical musings alert.)

My 52nd birthday is Sunday, and I’m in a reflective mood today-with gratitude. My son just got his driver’s permit, Heaven help us.  My daughter won her class spelling bee. We are all in good health and enjoy wonderful friendships. The weather is reasonable. Downton Abby and Once Upon a Time are back! The two kittens we adopted a month ago continue to be adorable and playful.  I have 4 good books waiting!

I am so excited to present to almost 200 women this Saturday about self-care and setting boundaries. Clients are sharing their successes and insights.   Next month, I have the privilege  of helping Girl Scouts to earn the “Science of Happiness” badge – sharing about Positive Psychology, strengths and gratitude.
Life is Good.

ElsaHave you seen the movie “Frozen?” Inspiring, with beautiful music and hey – it has TWO heroines. One has an amazing gift, but something happens and she becomes very fearful. With no guidance or mentoring, she retreats into her fear to try to stay safe and keep her loved ones safe. But it backfires. (Has that ever happened to you? The very things we do, trying SO hard to avoid something – just ends up complicating things even more. It’s worse than if we had the courage to face it head-on from the very start.) Love is the primary antidote to fear, and when we remember this and feel supported spiritually and emotionally, amazing things can happen. We can embrace our gifts and genuinely BE who we were born to be. 

One of the things I’ve learned is that it’s tough to go through all this alone, and we don’t have to.  I have a vision of a small community of women coming together to inspire and encourage each other regularly this year, and will share details with you soon.

In the meantime, I want to give YOU a gift for MY Birthday. (It’s a little crazy, but that’s how I roll.)

Even a little one-on-one mentoring provides that clarity, support and encouragement so we don’t let fear keep us living small and closed off lives. Family members and friends are wonderful, but they don’t always know how best to support you and provide appropriate accountability.

I have 4 coaching slots open beginning February 3rd, and am able to offer the 3rd month for FREE on a 3-month coaching package.  (As a bonus, you’ll receive a 50% discount to attend either the Spring or Fall Retreats I’m cooking up.)

Is 2014 your year? Call or email me if you are ready to embrace Your Gift(s) and not let fear get in your way.  Amazing things WILL happen when you have the support and clarity you need.

I’ll have some cheesecake now.

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  • Terry Slagle

    I loved that movie! Even my teen has replayed “Letting Go” anthem multiple times since we saw the movie as a family. Good advice for us all to shed that unnecessary baggage. ❤️❤️❤️

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