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Dealing With Disruptions in Our Scheduled, Everyday Lives

cancelled flightsFor many of us in Dallas this week our “normal” schedules were disrupted by wintery weather, and if our weatherfolk’s predictions are to be believed, they could continue to be for another week.
I’m certain our friends in the northeast, who get a foot of snow at a time are Laughing Out Loud. They know the true definition of cabin fever and COLD. We might have experienced lows in the upper 20’s and gotten tired of watching movies or baking cookies one day. Facebook posts from moms lamented that one snow day for the kids off school was fun, but two days – not so much.
God forbid the internet & cable going down.

How do you deal with disruptions?

Can you roll with it, or does having your routine turned upside down make you want to scream? Perhaps some of both.

There’s a category in the Myers Briggs personality types / preferences in our outer worlds called J (Judging) and P (Perceiving). They are unfortunately named, I think, but here’s a quick, broad interpretation.

The true J’s like Structure and Order and Planning and sometimes, control (think accountants and engineers).
The true P’s are highly flexible, adaptive and often spontaneous “creative types.” In the workplace, and in close relationships, these preferences sometimes lead to conflicts and misunderstandings.

So if you had one or two days “off” this week, which was your first reaction?
A) Great, I can really get some things done around the house today.
B) Cool! We can sleep in and do whatever we want.

A True J probably went to the grocery store, stocked up & planned meals and activities. A True P MAY have found a can of soup and a packet of hot chocolate mix (that expired in 2013) at the back of the pantry and called a friend who is a J to borrow some fresh milk but really see if you’ll invite them over for a delicious and well-thought-out complete dinner but may subject themselves to walking to 7-11 because they are out of coffee, too.

Know that these preferences are on a continuum. Know that both beat themselves up sometimes – J’s wonder why they can’t just relax a bit, and P’s think they should be more organized and plan better.

Under stress our preferences sometimes become even stronger. J’s can become more rigid & controlling, P’s can say Forget it (that’s the polite version), and act out or give up.

Improvements CAN be made. My regular readers know I teach & preach & try to live in self-acceptance and self-compassion informed by self-awareness. Understand and accept your preferences and work (& play) with them, because they are also your strengths. Come to understand the personality types of those you love and those you work with and it will make a big difference in how you handle the Disruptions (AKA Weather in Texas).

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