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Are We Having an Anxiety Epidemic? Tips, Tools & Resources #1

I'm starting to think we are in the middle of an anxiety epidemic. In a counseling and coaching practice, you see trends of common client problems at certain times - maybe couples with sexual issues in their relationships, people with micromanaging or abusive bosses at work, acting-out 15-year-olds, women who are quite sure they must have ADHD or the beginning of Alzheimer's. The past few months the issue has been anxiety. So my mission over the next few blogs is to share a few of my favorite tips, tools and resources. Our Imagination is a Powerful Thing You know that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, in the Well of Souls where there are all those snakes? Well, like Indy, I hate snakes. My only real phobia. (Even getting…
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Choices, Consequences and Lessons Learned – my latest “Adventure”

Lessons from a longer-than-expected nature hike in Missouri OR It made sense at the time... I felt like Cheryl Strayed in Wild. Okay, that's a little dramatic. Let's just say I wasn't well prepared. My hopefully-soon-to-be-Eagle Boy Scout son would've laughed at me or scolded me, I'm sure. Arriving at Lakeside Forest Wilderness Area tucked back on Route 76 in Branson, Missouri, I decided to take the short 7/10 mile walk. It was a walk, not a hike, just a little time in nature that I'd been craving. I would take the 328 steps down to the lake and was sure coming back wouldn't be a problem. I'd planned to stop & get a water bottle and a protein bar, but I chose a Krispy Kreme donut & coffee instead. (Bad idea #1)…
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Sexual Satisfaction for Women – why pills won’t work

I just read an article about a recommendation for FDA approval for a "female Viagra" and boy am I HOT! (No, not that kind of hot!) My clients fall into one of three categories: - those who are desperate to have a quick fix, a band-aid, a geographical cure or medication to help with their problem - those who won't touch medicine with a 30-foot pole - those who are open to both because they understand the mind, body and spirit work together (or rather, are NOT working well together) and that some problems are quite complex without one simple cause and one simple solution Women and our sexual satisfaction generally fall into the latter category. "Since the blockbuster launch of Pfizer's Viagra in 1998, dozens of therapies have been studied…
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4 Things Smart Women Do That Make Them Crazy

I continue to occasionally suffer from Analysis Paralysis. Also known as Overthinking Things. Problem solving should be simple, right? Like most of my dear readers and clients, I’m a smart cookie (everyone has always said so). Quite capable of figuring things out. Seeing all the angles, multiple possible solutions AND their potential consequences. Contingency planning extraordinaire. But sometimes playing the “what if” game just makes us feel anxious, worried and exhausted. Overwhelmed, we either cave and do nothing (and beat ourselves up about THAT) or jump into SOME solution, just to do something (and second guess ourselves for THAT). Sound familiar? Buckle your seatbelt. ​Smart women are perfectionistic (aka Straight A’s and Exceeds Expectations) They struggle to see that sometimes there's such a thing as good enough. They waste enormous amounts…
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Dealing With Disruptions in Our Scheduled, Everyday Lives

For many of us in Dallas this week our "normal" schedules were disrupted by wintery weather, and if our weatherfolk's predictions are to be believed, they could continue to be for another week. I'm certain our friends in the northeast, who get a foot of snow at a time are Laughing Out Loud. They know the true definition of cabin fever and COLD. We might have experienced lows in the upper 20's and gotten tired of watching movies or baking cookies one day. Facebook posts from moms lamented that one snow day for the kids off school was fun, but two days - not so much. God forbid the internet & cable going down. How do you deal with disruptions?Can you roll with it, or does having your routine turned upside…
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