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Your Personal Recipe for a Life You Love in 2018 (Workshop)

Is there only one true recipe for success? Perhaps it depends on the cookbook you choose… Join Keri for: Your Personal Recipe for a Life You Love Saturday February 3rd, 2018       9 AM – 12 Noon  Discover the unique “ingredients” you need to craft your own version of life as a delicious buffet  Learn how to overcome 10 common obstacles that “spoil the soup.”  Let’s work together to personalize your plan to experience more peace, well-being and a little spice in life again!  You’ll walk away with a combination of the tried and true and a little something new in your personal “recipe box” There are lots of “recipes for success,” but in the end, YOU get to decide what that all means for your…
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Tips for Managing Holiday Stress 2017 (video)

Happy November! Or should I say - "HallowThanksMas?" It's a term that was coined with the blending of holidays together rather than being able to genuinely celebrate each of them individually. So with Christmas music playing in the stores on November 1st and decorations out since before Halloween, I wanted to provide you with a few helpful Tips. I hope you enjoy this 11 minute video conversation with my colleague, Robin Powell. We share a few key points: The Struggle is Real - We only have so much time, energy and money to spend on a daily basis, and the holiday season can send us into overload. Manage Expectations - of yourself and those others may have of you, (or you think they have of you.) Have the Conversations -…
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The Power of Our Stories

I recently stumbled across this powerful quote by Orson Welles: “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” So many examples of this came to my mind. That same weekend I’d been to the theater and saw Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” At the end of the first act it’s all Fairy Tale Happy Endings, but in the second act we learn that Cinderella’s prince is pining over Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel’s suffering from post-partum depression after having twins and her prince has his eye on this beautiful girl in a glass coffin guarded by dwarves. So, you see, once again it depends on where you stop your story. I’m one of those people who doesn’t skip to the back of the book…
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Are You Freaked Out? Responding vs. Reacting

This would be a theme in so many of my clients' sessions the past few weeks. Some people say they have Never been this anxious; others have had mild anxiety recently or for a lifetime. There's ALOT going on in our world right now & it's freaking people out. People who usually DON'T freak out. I've been sharing some of my BEST TOOLS with so many people that I knew I needed to write about it, and in fact - give a workshop to take it deeper. (Email me or details on the website soon.) Then I was at World Market and saw this journal (pictured here) and it was perfect, and I laughed so hard and knew I had to share it with you.  I mean, if there's a book…
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Creating Intentional Change Workshop

Creating Intentional Change A Not-Your-Standard-Goal-Setting-Workshop With Keri Riggs, M.A., LPC-S What do you long for? What makes your heart sing? What brings you JOY? Join us on Saturday, January 21st 9 AM – 12 noon Most adults know how to set SMART goals, and perhaps you have done so with some success in the past… You also may know that only 8% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions are successful. Why is that? They set goals that are uninspiring, based on something they think they “should” do or want. Set aside a little structured and focused time just for YOU! You'll walk away with more clarity and even excitement about your personal, manageable plan for the next 30 to 90 days. Connect with other like-minded people seeking more JOY…
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